Centering the Voices of Transgender People

Project duration: 1 July, 2023 – 30 September, 2024

Transgender people in Lithuania face multiple and complex challenges in many different areas of life, such as discrimination, negative attitudes, and low social acceptance. The project Centering the Voices of Transgender People is a bilateral initiative, implemented in collaboration with Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud in Norway. It aims to increase knowledge and raise awareness of the situation of transgender individuals in Lithuania and Norway, by establishing cooperation and sharing best practices with partners from the donor state. The initiative aims to understand the social and legal context of the situation by conducting research on the situation of transgender persons, legal and media analyses, as well as carrying out awareness-raising activities aimed at the general public. By carrying out communication and awareness-raising activities, this initiative will also aim to tackle the roots of low social acceptance and to increase knowledge and understanding of transgender issues among the general public.