School textbooks are stuffed with gender stereotypes, new study says


Textbooks are the source of information and knowledge, but they teach gender stereotypes as well. This conclusion was made by the Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson after carrying out an analysis of gender portrayal in the textbooks and other educational materials

Institutions unite against violence: help is now available in the libraries


From now on women readers can find key information about violence against women printed on the paper bookmarks. They are given for free in the libraries and bookshops. Around 70 thousand bookmarks had already been distributed in all over Lithuania. According to the organizers, the success of the initiative inspired them to print one more set of bookmarks to spread the message as wide as possible.

New Commission for the Monitoring of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities starts its work


The Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson Agneta Skardžiuvienė approved the composition of the newly established Commission for the Monitoring on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The commission of five members will monitor Lithuania‘s compliance with its international law obligations.

The Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson received nearly a thousand inquires


In 2018, the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson received almost one thousand inquires on discrimination. This is the biggest number throughout the existence of the Office.

Transgender people in Lithuania still live in the "grey area"


The Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson has issued a National Review of the Situation of Transgender Persons in Lithuania. The study revealed that attitudes towards transgender people in Lithuania are more favourable than towards homosexual people. However, many respondents did not have knowledge of or opinion on this group of society.

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