Equal Opportunities Ruler

What is it?

The equal opportunities ruler is a tool for situational assessment in the workplace. Based on the data collected from surveys of both the employer and the employees, Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson provides the organisation a score on a ten-point scale together with a detailed report and recommendations on how to ensure equal opportunities in the workplace.

The ruler was created in response to the need of employers in Lithuania to receive consultations when preparing and implementing Equal opportunity policies and (or) Equality action plans in the workplace. Detailed situation analysis is the first step in developing targeted and workplace-specific measures to ensure equal opportunities.

What does it measure?

The questionnaire covers four topics:

  • Communication culture in the organization (Do we tend to notice or discuss each other’s gender, age, disability, origin, etc. at work?)
  • Work relations processes: employment, training, promotion, salary determination, management culture, work-life balance (Are equal opportunities ensured in these processes?)
  • Employees’ (dis)approval of various forms of discrimination (Do we recognize and how do we evaluate discriminatory situations at work?)
  • Equal opportunities policy from the perspective of the employee (Do the employees agree with the current situation and what do they expect in the future?)

The organisation can choose whether to publish the score in our website. Only the organization receives a detailed report of the results – the reports are not public.

The questionnaire for the employees:

The questionnaire for the employer: